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Pinball Paradise Auction on 25th July '04

compiled by Andrew Welburn, last updated July 26 2004
(slightly modified for the new website 22/09/07)

I am pleased to announce that the amount raised from the sale of this
online catalogue was £155 and will go to :

In memory of Robert Thompson 1964 - 2004


HERE IS A VIDEO shot by Rav at retrokade doing a walkaround.



1) The auction has finished, this stuff is not for sale anymore :)

2) No really, its all sold, you missed out if you didn't go!

3) the prices on this page are not 100% accurate, as either there was confusion at the hammer price, or I just didn't catch the price for one reason or another, or I misheard it.


photo LOT
Game name Description
Atari "Asteroids" 1979
serial # 89634 Irish built cabinet. Complete except for plexi screen bezel. Cardboard rocks and monitor are inside. VERY nice condition original control panel. French franc coinage.
"Yoick" conversion Midway Clowns conversion, painted roof and front. PCB has romswap and sound board has lots of wire hacks. Hacked control panel, 'Clowns' scratched out of bezel and 'Yoick' in its place.
Williams "Defender" 1980 serial #453125 Sentinel black coin door. No PSU or back door. I can see defender main and sound board in the bottom of the cab. Has as witcher installed, no copyright logo on marquee. Cracked and modded CPO.
For-Play "Sport Center" 1973 serial #9430 A pong clone, plays hockey and tennis. Has a free play button added to control panel, coin slot blanked off. Very sun-faded marquee. Unable to open.
Konami "The Simpsons" 1991 serial #00156765 - Above average condition CPO and cabinet as a whole, clean. Game pcb is definately present, couldn't see in to check the rest.
Atari "Skyraider" 1978 serial # SR-830 - Complete minus the back door. Steering controller loose.
Atari "Super Breakout" 1978 serial #S/BO-3837 - complete. Has blue tape on control panel, assume to hide previous wear.


Midway "Space Invaders" 1978 serial #6303 - only minor screen burn, nice original CP, no bottom rear door. No game pcb.
Taito "Missile - X" 1977 serial #38158 - extra button for fire added to CP (should be on joystick top) Complete.
Taito "Sub-Hunter" 1977 serial #307457 - locked up with no keys, unable to see indside, but looks ok.
Midway "Gunfight" 1975 serial #4599 - complete, yellow scren gel overlay is in bottom of cabinet (not shown in picture) the top ofthe left player movement joystick is missing. Lightly worn CP art. Has a plexi screen bezel.
Midway "Gunfight" 1975 serial #5885 - very nice control panel, complete, glass screen bezel. Free play button added to front.
Williams "Defender" 1980 serial #453052 - Nice Marquee, rough CPO, has modified monitor shelf (made out of the side of a midway space invaders) and has a modern monitor installed. No game PCB's, but PSU and power block are present. No Screen bezel, key busted off in front lock. has photocopied manual inside.
Atari "Asteroids" 1979 serial #75518 - USA Built cabinet. Front part of rock cardboard missing. No Game PCB, no backdoor, otherwise complete. G05-801 monitor.
Caberet "Phoenix" 1981 'Mindon' style caberet, bootleg TIM Phoenix pcb installed, complete.
Atari "Video Pinball" 1978 serial #VP988 - complete, minor CP wear. USA built.
Atari "Galaga '88" 1988 USA Built cabinet, sold by irish factory, shows US serial GAL0718, and irish serial 146640. Complete.
Taito "Space Invaders Part 2" 1980 serial #592336 - b/w version, complete but no back door. CP is trashed and later joystick installed. English CP window instruction card inside. No 2way mirror.
Taito "Space Invaders" 1978 serial #327324 - Complete but no back door, has factory left/right buttons instead of joystick.
Taito "Space Invaders" 1978 serial #365989 - no psu, no backdoor, no game pcb, otherwise complete. Standard joystick version.
Midway "Deluxe Space Invaders" 1978 serial #0535? - Rough CPO, no backdoor, no psu, no game pcb.
Midway "Space Invaders" 1978 serial #3360 - no game pcb, no backdoors otherwise complete.
Zenitone "Invaders Revenge" converted Midway "Space Invaders" - no game pcb, no backdoors otherwise complete.
Midway "Space Invaders" 1978 serial #4935 - No game PCB, needs CPO re-attatching (supplied, but worn) otherwise complete.
Zaccaria "The Invaders" 1979 2way mirror is missing, moon/stars backdrop assembly is provided seperately, no game pcb otherwise complete.
Williams "Defender" 1980 serial #452267 - Lemon yellow art version, no backdoor, no PSU, all game pcbs missing except for sound board.
Midway "Gorf" caberet 1981 Complete. Internal coin box wood support damaged (not bad) pcbs loose, control panel loose.
Atari "Canyon Bomber" 1977 Complete, with keys.
Bally/Midway "Baby Pacman" 1982 Missing CPO artwork, couldn't see any sideart stickers, but otherwise looks complete.
Bally/Midway "Granny and the Gators" 1983 Complete, with keys.
Williams "Defender" 1980 can't see serial number on front, but AS596 stamped on back. Complete, repro CPO, american black coin door.
Williams "Defender" 1980 serial #454975 - rough cab, repainted patches of artwork, sits at an angle due to busted wood on base at rear. Repro CPO, very crap marquee, but has a pcb set with Clay's Multigame sitting in the bottom. Has a nintendo monitor that is not securely installed, I believe this used to belong to Matt Garrett.
"Shuttle" conversion serial #2210 - Converted Midway Clowns cabinet. Painted front. Romswap on pcb, wire hacks all over sound board. Converted CP. Scratched off clowns title on bezel.
Atari "Asteroids Deluxe" 1980 serial #17526 - american made machine, complete.
Exidy "Crash" 1979 serial #3516 - no backdoor, but complete.
Atari/Kee "Sprint One" 1978 serial #SP1-787 - Complete, but no back door.
Universal "Cosmic Guerilla" 1979 cannot get inside to see if complete.
Atari/Kee "Super Bug" 1977 serial SB-2385 - Complete.
Stern "Berzerk" 1980 Complete.
Sega "Outrun" 1986 With intact map, no steering wheel logo, Sticker Sideart version, doesn't look peeled, but cannot see properly. Cannot open to check if complete.
Atari "Pole Position II" 1983 no CRT or back door, otherwise complete.
Atari "Asteroids" 1979 Irish upright, no cardboard rock bezel, rusty CP, i think the deflection board is missing from monitor, otherwise complete? (incomplete notes)
Atari "Asteroids" 1979 Irish built cabinet, cardboard rocks sprayed black, rough CP, no game PCB or PSU.
Gottlieb "Q*Bert" 1981 baddly applied repro CPO, repro marquee, otherwise complete, sideart is not peeled (not sure if repro or not, did not look closely). Still has american 110v plug on it.
Nintendo "Space Firebird" cocktail table 1980 no game pcb rack, but sound pcb is still there, otherwise complete.
Streets "Defender" cocktail table 1980 officially licensed williams defedner cocktail. Spangly artwork ahoy! Top glass has 2 big cracks in it from an impact on one side. Unable to open, so do not know if complete.
generic "Galaxian" cocktail table no PSU, otherwise complete, bootleg game PCB.
"Super Earth Invasion" cocktail table Converted Nichibutsu "Moon Base" cocktail. Probably just a rom swap, but can't open table to see if complete.
Taito "Lunar Rescue" cocktail table 1979 Nice complete original looking table, PVN (colour) game PCBs.


The following are games that were added to the auction at the last minute, at the time i went there
to create the list above, i was told the following ex-rental machines were not going to be in the sale...

...but they ended up being there anyway.

Lot Price Game Name notes...
549 £180 Namco Golly Ghost
550 £950 Williams Joust
551 £120 Atari Primal Rage
552 £160 Sega Virtua Striker
553 £50 Sega Virtual On twin sitdown
554 blank
555 blank
556 blank
557 blank
558 blank
559 blank
560 £620 Sega Manx TT Superbike twin sitdown
561 £800 Sega Manx TT Superbike twin sitdown
562 £660 Sega Sky Target
563 £260 Sega Touring car single sitdown
564 £950 Sega Lemans 24hour twin sitdown
565 £850 Sega Rally twin sitdown
566 £750 Sega Touring Car twin sitdown
567 £800 Sega Touring Car twin sitdown
568 £4000 Konami Dancing Stage Euromix - yeh i know, mad.
569 £280 Namco Starblade - yeh i know too :-)
570 £420 Sega 1994 sit-down STAR WARS
571 £180 Atari Space Pirates
572 £900 MTV Drumscape
573 £190 Mad Dog McRee II upright
574 £180 Kick-It football sim
575 £180 Sega Magial Truck Simulator
576 £1300 Namco Alpine Racer 2
577 £800 Namco Alpine Racer 2
578 -- Sega Jurassic Park sitdown (firsto ne) did not sell
579 £90 Sega Rail Chase 2 dual sitdown 52" bargain!
580 £50 Sega Virtua Racing twin sitdown no seat part (ie no pcbs)
581 £30 Sega Virtual On twin sitdown no pcbs
582 £110 Sega Lemans twin sitdown.
583 -- Namco Alpine Surfer 2 missed what this made, non-working screen?
584 £900 Namco Alpine Surfer 2
585 -- Namco Rapid River bad screen? missed the price
586 £420 Sega Super G ski simulator
587 £240 Popeye arm wrestling machine
588 £400 Namco Whap-a-snappa
589 £800 Challenger crane as featured on Big Brother apparently.
590 -- Love meter missed the price
591 -- Electronic Darts missed the price
592 £340 glass topped football table
593 £300 football table
594 £220 Sega Virtua Racing twin sitdown
595 £10 Sega Sprint One turned out to be a working Atari Pole Position 2!




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