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LAST UPDATE June 13, 2015

These pages first appeared in about 1998 on my website, but i struggled with the
bandwidth issues so it was hosted elsewhere..

..But, the last real update was probably in 2005..

YES ! The Gallery of the Grotesque is back on the andys-arcade website thanks to Al Warner who hosted the old site for me from 2000-2015! Now its back home, i should update it more!
I have had the fortune (or misfortune depending on how you look at it) to have spent the last 6 years travelling around the world meeting all the big collectors of video arcade machines, and finding warehouses full of stuff. With a whole lot of these places, it is impossible to take pictures with permission, even though its just worthless old junk, a lot of the old operators just don't want to let strangers crawl around the place with cameras. So this means that 50% of the graveyards and shit-piles i've been to, i don't have any photos to show for it.... Still, 6 years and 50% hit rate, i do at least have some new and funny stuff to look at..... so enjoy.


A crying shame is the amount of super-classic arcade games that have been
converted to other, later, more crap games, and at that rate, not even done very well..
Its also strange to see why an operator would go to as much trouble as some of these
obviously have to convert an old game to a more profitable game.

 I would like to thank the hundreds of anonymous eBay sellers, from which a lot of these
pictures have come, also to the people who have found the dumps and the rest of it..
I have been able to include a number of pictures of my own of cabinets that i have
come across, the rest have come from the wonderful people of internet-land :)

Get the box of tissues ready, you will cry.

 LET THE FUN BEGIN..... (click on all pictures for the larger version)





Where many a machine ends up never to see a working life again,
these are like the parot, the are kaput, gone,
dead, they are ex-machines, they have ceased to be,
they have gone to the great arcade in the sky...

OK, anonymous photo montage this.. all i can remember was that this guy was told there were one or two machines at the local tip, he took his camera to find this appauling scene of desolation. Clearly visible are the following machines : Zaxxon, Galaga, Pole Position, Centipede cocktails, Spy Hunter.
OK, a big load of pix from the same site now.. the story goes.. Guy finds out a local operator has been storing surplus machines in a barn for years. He is invited along, finds the following, jukes/pinballs and vids.. 

#2 - A sega cocktail and a converted atari cocktail, some old EM pinball bodies too.
#3 - Two AMI jukes and the back view of a festering video cabinet.
#4 - Overview of outside pile
#5 - Three EM pinball bodies
#6 - The view into the shed, Rolling Stones EM pinball head in entrance, Nintendo Playchoice-10 visible, more EM pinball heads.
#7 - A main view of interior of shed, Midway Seawolf 2, Warlords cocktail, several Nintendo cocktails, misc EM amusement machines.
#8 - Outside the shed, yet more EM pinball bodies, and some Video stuff.
#9 - Bashed up EM pinballs and videos
#10 - Torch, a very rare EM pinball i believe
#11 - One side of an Asteroids Deluxe leaning against another cocktail
#12 - Atari Football, looking incredibly weathered.
#13 - Overview of pasture
#14 - Select-o-matic juke, apparently highly saught after
#15 - Atari Destroyer, 1977, and half of an old driving game on its side in front.

Two old boys (who edited the photos slightly) find an operator with a stash of old machines. Unfortunately they have lived outside for some years, some real classics in here..
- Atari Centipede, Super Bug, Asteroids Deluxe
- Williams Stargate and Defender
- Stern Super Cobra
- Midway pacman (several)
- Donkey Kong
- Phoenix

OK, here's a little home-grown graveyard (in the UK), i visited this place in late 1998, it was the winter home for all the fairground families in the south east, they had recently converted an arcade wagon into a funhouse, sold off the ones they could, then dumped the rest of the machines in a barn. Which had no front door. And was home to countless numbers of pigeons. Fortunately, no super-classics in here, but some nice-ish machines going completely to pot :) enjoy!
#20 - Jamma's on the right, World cup '90! weyhey!
#21 - A sit-at 28inch street fighter 2, WWF Wrestlefest electrocoin, the back of the generic 'Marpo' driving game (unknown) cockpit
#22 - Space Harrier seat, sit-down super hang-on
#23 - back of super hang-on sitdown, space harrier sit-down, another few jamma cabs in view
#24 - View number 1 over the contents, can't see all that far back.
#25 - Another overview of contents
#26 - From the outside looking in, on the far right is an electrocoin nintendo Vs. Hogan's Alley.

Ok, so its not a graveyard, but sometimes, festering wooden hulks just wont be picked up free by somebody. These are XXX rated photos, the cabinets have been stripped compleltey naked. here's two that i don't think went anyplace anysoon. The first is a Pole Position believe it not, the second is a Battlezone Caberet that i left in my garden after nobody would take it away :)



Very few machines fortunately have had to endure such suffering,
but we hear these stories, here are just a few that have managed to be recorded pictoraly..
Here we find a relatively uncommon Bally/Midway 'Baby Pacman' (videogame/pinball cross) biting the dust big style, along with the remains of a Midway 'Space Invaders'

Oh bugger. shouldn't have left that cigarette burning on the control panel.

Here we find a Sega convert-a-game cabinet Star Trek forming charcoal. The story goes thus : the two guys in the picture worked at an arcade or something back in 1986, this star trek broke down aand they got given it, determined to fix it. after 6 months of not working, they decided to drive out to the forest and ceremoniously burn it, saying a few words for it first.

How thoughtful :)

Obviously the Williams Robotron was not flavour of the month with the mad pyromaniac..
Here we find a Q*Bert going through what we now know to be the phenomena of spontaneous video game combustion.

Sent in by Mike Saul

Proof that the Master Control Program can get you, anytime, anywhere :)

Sent in by Mike Saul

Tempest, in its natural setting, see how its natural colours flare up to attract the female of the species.

Sent in by Mike Saul



This is the most common form of vintsge arcade machine abuse, and it still goes on today..
You can quite often find abortions and disfigured machines still in operation..
Here are the cream of the crop, the conversions that surely must have been carried
out by some terrible breed of operator... Now, there are so many conversions,
i have had to select the most extreme examples only, there are so many millions of conversions,
i've decided to limit them here to conversions that either required more than
just a bit of effort, or conversions that just don't look right, games have often
been shoe-horned into cabinets that really don't make for good or common conversions :-)

Atari Gauntlet -> Space Ace!!! 
What were they on?? This is more than likely the 1990 re-release kit of Space ace installed in an old Gauntlet.
Fridge-door opening cabinet which you often saw as the Laserdisc game Super Don Quix-ote - > Rygar
Williams Duramold (probably Blaster) -> Atari Batman
oh my god, why? why? why?
Exidy Tail Gunner 2 cockpit? -> Batman
My god, this has to be the weirdest one yet!
Midway Cocktail JAMMA-tised
I really can't quite understand this one, they've hacked off the control panels from either end of the machine and bolted them to one side. Serves a purpose, but blimey, enough work or what!
Sega Buck Rogers 'Planet of Zoom' -> Choplfter
A really rare machine totally ruined :)
Midway Gunfight Cocktail (1975) -> Final Fight
this was listed as being a Joust cocktail, a common misconception, this is Gunfight, see later pictures for a Joust cocktail :)
Williams Star-Rider lasergame -> Hydra
Wow, talk about difficult conversion.. and totally surreal.
Midway Gunfight Cocktail (1975) -> Yie Ar Kung Fu
Yes, the game was buggered too. And yes, the seller thought it was a joust cocktail.
Joust cocktail -> JAMMA
NOW here's a JAMMA Joust cocktail, spot the differences?
3 Stooges -> MAME
This TWAT thought that MAME would look better in this super-rare machine than the fully-working original insides.
Dragon's Lair -> Choplifter
wow, they managed to bugger up the curved marquee too.. shame.
Atari Millipede -> Great Sluggers
Pacman -> Ms.Pac/Galaga
I mean, come on, its a pacman, painted blue, ms.pac marquee installed, then a fucking galaga head plopped on top, the board was switchable or something. How more grose looking can you get?
Atari Warlords -> Q*Bert
wow, another weirdo one.. I don't think the seller even knew it was a Warlords under there, totally obliterated though.
Atari Quantum -> Arkanoid
a super-duper rare machine which was retro-fitted and is now back to quantum, good on that man!
Nintendo Cocktail -> Street Fighter 2
wow, a 6 button cocktail? that's gotta be a first!
Generic Bally/Midway cabinet -> Sega Star Trek
Vector classic botched into a cab, with a Next Generation film poster cut up to make a marquee :) hahaah
Atari Missile Command -> Tetris
quite a bit of work in this one, notice the speakers mounted above marquee.
Computer Space -> Pacman
Oh my gosh.. possibly the worst crime commmited, ever!


Hope you enjoyed this page! E-mail me with comments, or SUBMIT your own photos...
Do remember the converted cab pics have to be very badly bodged conversions,
or conversions of really rare machines... i'm avoiding the common conversions..


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