updated 1-dec-13

SEGA 32x CartDev Rev. C
serial M311

I picked this up off ebay in April 2005, interesting bit of 32x development kit.
I've since sold it on, but left the page up for reference for others.

I had the hardware only, no software, so i I couldn't exactly use it :-|

I went to CGE 2K7 in Las vegas, and lo and behold someone
was selling the right disks! I had already sold the unit by that point!

Anyhow, click the pics below to see detailed images they're very big ;)
This beastie is chocked full of custom FPGA's and other cool-looking features,
its moderately sized too, and very heavy, very well made too.


The overall view
The top of the box, very nice condition overall, little used.
Lifting off the lid and peering inside (this view shows the SRAM board removed, it plugs into the two white pin header thingies)
The '4 Meg SRAM Board' topside
The '4 Meg SRAM Board' underside
The cartridge end underside
The cartridge topside
side 1 view
side 2 view
side 3 view
side 4 view
underside view, serial number M311