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last updated October 23, 2011


Preliminary page - just listing what i have for now.


My Discs
Game Title Manufacturer version Comments
Astron Belt Sega
Cobra Command DECO
Dragon's Lair Atari/Philips PAL quite a bit of bitrot like they all have
Dragon's Lair Software Corner PAL
GP World Sega
M.A.C.H.3 Mylstar
Star Rider Williams NOS ?
Galaxy Ranger Sega

My PCB's
Game Title Manufacturer version Comments
Astron Belt Sega
M.A.C.H.3 Mylstar
M.A.C.H.3 Mylstar
M.A.C.H.3 Mylstar



Pioneer Laseractive Discs
Game Title Manufacturer Comments
Virtual Cameraman 2 Hilarious fun
Triad Stone Like Dragon's Lair, based on a DECO game
Pyramid Patrol God awful game


Laserdisc Players
Model Manufacturer Comments
LDV-1001 Pioneer Works!!
LD-V-4300D Pioneer Decent industrial player
CLD-A100 Pioneer Laseractive player with Sega PAC-S1 (Jap) - but catridge slot refuses to boot games.
22VP932 Philips dead
22VP932 Philips untested - UR0132453
22VP932 Philips untested - UR0132519 - no TTL lead?


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